Class Schedule

Fighting Shape Boxing (classes in Red)- These are cardio boxing where we work hard, learn boxing technique, and earn our self-respect.

Boxing Bootcamp (classes in Blue)- Everyone comes to class and see their workout on a white board and everyone does it as a group. Boxing is mixed in with other exercises such as battle rope, wall ball throws, kettlebell, etc.

Fight Camp (classes in Black)- These are advanced boxing classes that mimics what fighters do in camp getting ready for a match.

Kids Boxing- Ages 6-12 work on boxing fundamentals with lots of activity. They will leave tired! Parents, feel free to work out while you wait. $10 per child or 5 classes for $25.


Fitness Instructors

Danielle Case   Jessica Schrage   Laura Vahlkamp   Mandy Hustedde

Stephanie Buchtel   Travis Tilton