Welcome to AlphAs!

Let me start by saying I’ll get better at writing these blogs over time, so forgive me in advance if this first attempt falls short.

I’ve been working out since I was 17. The first time I did any kind of lifting was in high school one morning before class started. I sat down on a lat pull machine and took my best guess at how much weight to use, and probably tried to do a pull up. Like any kid who can watch and learn I spent just enough time in the training center to pick up some bad habits and maybe grew my arms about a centimeter.

I got serious about the gym the same time I got serious about girls, in college. I was lucky enough to room with a couple of beasts who not only taught me gym culture but let me tag along for all the social functions. Being fat and unhealthy was simply not an option. In the years since college I’ve been blessed with good friends, great memories, and big arms (which absolutely contributed to having more of the first two).

Now I’m pushing 50 and about to open my own gym. I’ve lived in Trenton since 2003 and always wished there was a great place to work out and have given up waiting. I found a great spot, got a loan, quit my job (burn the ships!), and am ready to start construction next week. A few key differences that will set AlphAs apart is:

  1. Working out will be fun!!! I plan on having nights where someone shreds on a guitar. We’ll have gym parties. There will be a TRIBAL culture of positive energy that is encouraging and fosters self-respect through overcoming challenges. You do not have to work out and become crazy sore to reach the best shape of your life!!!
  2. This is not the kind of gym where walking on a treadmill and texting friends is considered working out. No equipment is plugged in. YOU are the motive power in all things whether biking, lifting, hitting bags, suspension training, or rowing. If you miss your treadmill then Gliks Park is right behind the gym and we are next to the track. Go have a nice run in the sun.
  3. Our fitness classes are serious. You will leave it all on the field. If you don’t understand then come to a boxing class, it will be the most impressive fitness accomplishment you’ve ever done in a gym when you finish.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and I’ll start posting pictures as the buildout proceeds. Stop by during construction if you like to say hello. We are also looking for fitness instructors!

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