Boxing 101

This is the most challenging, addicting, and self-respect building workout in Highland!


Get ready to leave your comfort zone and do something awesome. We know you're nervous about your first class but worry not, people a lot more unfit and uncoordinated than you have taken up boxing and are now in the best shape of their life. Read our Facebook reviews if you need proof about how successful our boxing classes are.

Here is a good video of what you are in for

This is the gear to put in your bag for class

Day 1 Beginner: Handwraps (we sell), water bottle, sweat towel

Day 15 Beginner: Boxing gloves, jump rope (read the gear information below)

Amateur level: Punch mitts (for catching), boxing shoes, punch tracking wearable (like Corner)

AlphAs Fight Team: Mouthpiece, headgear, rib/groin protection

Boxing Gloves (the most important gear investment)

The simple fact is new boxers will have some sore hands the first few classes as some "toughening up" is required. This is totally natural. Having the right gloves will help A LOT to minimize any pain/soreness.

I wear the Ring to Cage C17 2.0 hook and loop 16oz. glove for bagwork and sparring. Whatever glove you choose I HIGHLY recommend you do some research and plan on spending at least $100. The entry level gloves around $50 are fine for casual boxers who only hit the bag a few times a month. We expect more from you!

To help, this is a very comprehensive glove review from one of the best boxing instructors on the planet.

Again, I know I'm asking you to spend a fair bit of money on your gloves but please know you are making the right decision. Runners spend big money on shoes. Baseball bats are stupid costly for the best. This sport is the same.

Learn the Boxing Punch Numbers

Learn How to Wrap Your Hands

Combos we use all the time for you to practice...

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