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Long post, but a bit about Alphas Gym...
Almost 2 years ago to the day, I decided I needed to make a change. Over the years, Kids, work, life got busy and I stopped taking care of me. I started January 2, 2019 with my first change and started eating healthy, and man was that hard, but I saw results that first month or so. Now it was time to workout, because change is gradual, I need to take baby steps, and find my way. That Christmas I saw the sign for Alphas and bought 3-1 month passes for myself, husband, and friends. Here is where my real journey began. I had boxed a bit before, but as you know, going to any new gym, can be a bit scary and intimidating... not this place! Travis immediately welcomed me and introduced me to some other teachers who were boxing that night. From that night on, I was hooked! The workouts were awesome, the people were fabulous, and Travis, well words cannot describe❤️ That march, Travis asked if I wanted to fight in the Rally for Rae! Talk about a big decision to make, but I said yes as it was a great fundraiser for a friends daughter. I started training, and then found out who I would be fighting... to say I was nervous and scared was an understatement! I trained everyday, went to fight camp, and worked hard with an amazing group of people. Everyday Travis supported me and told me I could do it... when literally every one I talked to and told them who I was fighting, was like why are you doing this, she will destroy you! Nothing like adding more fear! But we trained, Travis worked with me, my fellow fighters worked, and it payed off!! I won! One of the top 5 moments in my life! And it would not have happened with out Alphas, the people there and Travis! I even have my fight picture on the wall❤️ Fast forward 2 years and I go to the gym almost every day, to get my therapy? Today I coach 5 am class( which may be the greatest group of people to work out at 5 am), and have made some of the greatest friends, and feel the best I have ever felt. I bring my kiddos and they workout with me, "help" me plank, and it shows them that it is ok to be a strong, tough woman. Every day I go to the gym and am greeted with a smile, a hug, or a high-five, from Travis or someone else. There are not many gyms where you can say that happens. So if you are looking to make a change, better yourself, and enjoy those 45-60 minutes to yourself, Alphas is the place to reach your goals! And Travis, thank you for being you and all of our biggest supporters to reach our goals?

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As we roll into the new year new you narrative, I want to put myself out there more than I normally would. Shortly after my 40th birthday I found myself in a dark place both mentally and physically. I looked in the mirror and saw a shell of the man I used to be. A man I was not happy with in any way. I despised what I saw. The feeling kept growing and as it has a way of doing, it consumed me. I decided to take a walk. Clear my head. One walked turned into two, then three. It became clear to me what had to happen. I decided to allow these walks to consume me as opposed to the feelings of hate and dissatisfaction. I downloaded an app to track my progress, to push myself, to rise to the challenge. I put myself on a strict diet that I thought would be tolerable enough to be sustainable. LeAnn Edelen hooked me up with some supplements to both fuel my workouts and recovery. At this point I decided that this was how I would conquer those feelings I once had. I tried any and every workout I could. For no less than 45 minutes a day, I was solely focused on my goal, my dream. As with most workouts I reached a plateau. I simply couldn't go any faster and I didn't have time to make my walk/jogs any longer. I was desperate for something to get me out of that plateau. A dear friend of mine asked me if I would try boxing class with her. Not going to lie, I was nervous. So we decided on a class and to AlphAs gym we went. On entering the building I kind of had doubts that I would even be able to do such a workout. Travis Tilton was very kind and very interested in what I was looking for in a workout. The people were so supportive, friendly, and inviting. Travis taught me a few simple things and we got started. It was an incredible workout! I don't think I had ever worked that hard before. The class was very engaging and fun. In the blink of an eye it was over. I made it! I signed up immediately and have been crushing my goals ever since. That was nearly 2 years ago, 186 pounds ago, 14 inches off my waist line ago. To say it's been life changing would be an understatement. If you are serious about a new year new you thing, please check out AlphAs and see for yourself. Sorry for the lengthy post, but it's my story and I was honored to share it.


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My story is going to be a little different than most. It's about becoming myself again. See I had already achieved many of my workout goals and had been a gym rat for several years. I had competed in several competition's and loved it. In my last competition I took 2nd place in my age group (37) and 2nd place overall. I was so proud of myself and my accomplishments. Then life took me down another path. I stopped going to the gym, started making one bad decision after another. Hurt the people I loved. I was falling fast. I was no longer me. I avoided events and gatherings. When I did see people I knew, I would try to hide or just make small talk. I could just hear their thoughts. When my son Tony would come home, I even felt different with him. Like I let him down or I wasn't the mom he needed.
During this time I got pregnant and had another son. I hid behind him with every excuse of why I couldn't possibly go to the gym. Month after month and lb after lb I was heavier than I had ever been. I couldn't stand myself. This was not me.
I felt I couldn't take time from my son for myself. That would make me a bad mother and who wants that title!
Then a friend Jody Rutz-marti said to me Brenda your son is like a dog, he has no concept of time. She was RIGHT in a harsh sounding way. He was at daycare in a room full of toys and playmates. So I joined a gym! One that I was a member of from my passed. I knew the equipment and how it worked. It felt good to go in the beginning but it was short lived. I just didn't feel right and I was not seeing results so I quit but every month my gym fee still came out of my account. Nothing had changed for me. I had met some coworkers out on a Friday evening and Amanda Jo said she couldn't stay long because she has boxing in the morning. I was automatically interested. I asked her a ton of questions and the next morning I was there!
Travis Tilton and everyone there welcomed me. Travis wrapped my hands and class begun. OMG I was taking a fitness boxing class and I had no idea what to do! Travis and the others showed me how to stand, what a combo punch was and 60 minutes later I was physically exhausted. My mind on the other hand was clear as if I had taken a pill that took away all my stress, my anger and my fear. Now you could say that one class is not enough to make up ones mind but I knew with my red face, sweat burning my eyes and trying to catch my breath that this was what I needed.
This is my gym and these are my people. If I am not boxing then I am lifting which I need both to achieve my goals.
It's been 22 months and 40lbs later. My muscular appearance has come back strong. I am a much better mother than I thought I was and most of all I am happy. Alphas gym has not only provided me with the tools and equipment that has helped me but has also given me that sense of belonging and family that I desperately needed.


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