This is for quick answers to common questions but don't think we wouldn't love to hear from you!

Is this a sparring gym?

Not really. If a member wants to do some controlled sparring with a coach or the owner that may be ok (we want to see that you can apply your training) but members will never spar with other members without supervision. And NOBODY steps into the ring without all the safety gear.

What will the gym hours be?

We are a 24-hour gym with member access via key ring fob. Business hours to tour the club are usually 9-7 Monday-Friday and 10-2 on weekends.

Anywhere to put the kids?

We have a 8x7 area with wifi for your kids to relax while you sweat.


Do you sell supplements or boxing supplies?

Nope. But we'll recommend where to get hand wraps, supplements, or a great jump rope.

Can I try the gym before I get a membership?

The first workout is always free. Past that we sell a day pass for $15, if you join the day you use it we'll apply that money.

Additional costs for classes?

The Unlimited Classes membership gets you all possible classes (at an unheard of low price for a boxing gym), but we also have a punchcard available (5 classes for $25) if you prefer the standard membership.

Laura Vahlkamp Carlyle Illinois TRX instructor available for personal training